A Brief Blue Snowball Review

The Blue Snowball Microphone is simply a USB condenser microphone that is very easy to use. It holds unheard-of information while recording a song in a studio or still in your living room. The snowball microphone is also used in podcasting. One is supposed to play the snowball microphone using the computer without the addition of any software. Snowball microphone has 3-pattern switch that enables you to select from cardioid and omnidirectional. Its design enables the blue snowball microphone to manage any data that is sent to it. It is also necessary to note that, there is no need of refrigeration. Below is a brief blue snowball review.

Aspects of The Blue Snowball

The Design

blue snowball microphone review

Snowball is unique in a way such that you cannot mistake it with any other. It is designed with a ball-like shape having a diameter of 4 inches. To its bottom, it has a threaded hole that is simply used as an attachment to the tripod stand. The bottom of this microphone also has an adjustable height of about 5 to 6.5 inches.

In addition to the above, its front side is so beautiful, as long as you do not mind checking at the Blue’s chromed plastic logo which is a wire mesh grille. There is also an integrated foam wind screen which protects the Blue Snowball’s two-0.5 inch microphone cases. You will also find a LED, closer to the top of this microphone. The LED indicates when you have connected the Snowball to the computer. At the back of the Snowball, there is a single audio connection. Technically, it is not an audio connection, but rather a metallic-reinforced USB port. Still at the back of the Snowball, there is a convenient 3 position switch for the three microphone’s recording modes.

Its Features

Apart from this microphone looking so cool on the desk, the Snowball has different small and big features which are worth knowing. The greatest asset of this Snowball is its sonic flexibility usually offered by the two microphone cases. It uses two identical capsules in order to achieve a stereo recording. However, the Snowball sticks to monophonic recording. In addition to this, it also dedicates the use of one case to a unidirectional cardioid recording pattern. This is well-suited for the instrument or single voice and allows the other case to take sound from all the directions in an omni-pattern. The users can easily switch between the two cases so as to suit the recording needs. This can be done by using the mode switch at the back of the microphone.

Above is a brief blue snowball review highlighting its features as well as design. You can just give it a try and surely you will like it. Check out our post about gaming headsets.